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Kiến Thức Bitcoin faucet bot | The NXT Coin

Kiến Thức Bitcoin faucet bot | The NXT Coin

You can select the degree of automation and the robot’s type:

  • in the form of a script embedded in a web browser that collects satoshi on faucet’s site;
  • desktop version with additional programs for increasing payments from faucets, making independent transfers to Bitcoin-wallets and even trading on crypto exchanges.

The profit growth when using the BTC faucet bot happens due to the parallel collection of coins simultaneously on several Bitcoin-faucets.

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Bitcoin faucet bot automatically fills in the login/password and solves the captcha. Usually, the picture-puzzle captcha at the entrance to the site is designed to serve as an obstacle for automatic intervention. There is a connection with a special community on the Internet, which decides captcha for money in the script. It is a paid service, so to save money, the latest robots are “trained” to solve simple puzzles independently.

Despite similar tasks, each faucet bot has its bonus system, which allows increasing profits, for example, through higher payments for a particular time. The user should choose algorithms tied to certain Bitcoin-faucets with additional programs that collect and implement bonuses or play flash games that multiply accrual.

How to maximize the profits of Bitcoin`s automatic collection?

Automted Bitcoin faucet bot for earning Bitcoins

The presence of an earning bot does not relieve of independent search for Bitcoin faucets with high payments. The user still has to independently verify the service’s operation in manual mode, test algorithms, and study bonuses.

Do not use bots for gambling. Often, on sites that distribute satoshi, they offer to play in a bitcoin casino instead of a bonus program. Experience shows that such programs ultimately collect Bitcoin’s minimum payments if they try to win.

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Configure scripts on virtual machines, run several robots at the same time. The more programs work simultaneously, the higher the earnings. However, do not forget that the “individual connection” of the script with specific Bitcoin-faucets is valued.

Services allow you to repeat the collection of Bitcoin at different intervals. The larger they are, the fewer possibilities the Bitcoin faucet site has for automatic “fortune-telling.” Control the cost of payment from such a crane and the costs of a “manual” solution of picture-puzzles.

Check the faucets’ operation and payment; they are constantly changing, sites “fall off” or stop paying. Use rating services to have an up-to-date list of profitable faucets.

Find bots with the ability to “register” your referral links and advertise your way of earning to collect as many partners as possible, bringing additional payments. Any BTC faucet bot provides an opportunity to become a promoter and pays for each client involved.

What are the risks of using Bitcoin faucet bot?

How to earn with a Bitcoin faucet bot

Searching for a robot on the Internet can lead to the computer’s infection with malware, especially if user download and install the desktop version. It also refers to the Bitcoin faucet bot for Android. Thoroughly check the software found, join sustainable communities, read reviews, developers earning on referral payments from bots renting.

Check the work of the program, try to avoid versions that independently withdraw funds to the purse. Hackers can configure the script to substitute addresses and funds collected over time to go to someone else’s wallet.

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Try not to accumulate funds on Bitcoin faucets accounts; the service continuously improves the algorithms for detecting robots. The convicted user’s account will be blocked; the referral bonuses will be burned, the IP-address will be added to the “blacklist.” Therefore, never use static IP, keep several sets of registration data in reserve. Nevertheless, you can always use Bitcoin faucet bot Android and not interrupt earnings even when you are not on the computer.

Never pay for a program to avoid a scam; there are enough “free” versions in the network, the distributors who have their interest in this work since they receive a fee.

Advantages of working on Bitcoin earning bot

Collecting Bitcoin using distribution services is a unique opportunity to work without financial investments. Correct setting of an earning bot, the proper policy of the development of the referral program, will bring around $ 1000 per month.

The size of income does not matter because:

  • it is automatic, so you can apply the investment approach and wait for growth.
  • funds earned can be spent on exchange robots to increase the income without risk;
  • advertising sites will always be; the collection and distribution of Bitcoin take place on mutually beneficial terms, so faucets will not go anywhere soon.

The best Bitcoin faucet bots

BonusBitcoin.co – it’s an aggregator with 20 or so different faucets. Due to this, a pause between repeating a task on most faucets are irrelevant – you can collect satoshi pretty much non-stop.

Freebitco.in – also one of the oldest faucets with a great reputation, even though it uses a direct payment system. It has the largest maximum possible reward – 1832058 satoshi but pays out only once per hour.

BitFun.co – offers only 200 to 1000 satoshi each time, but you can collect your coins every 5 minutes. One of the easiest sites to use a bot on. It has a nice referral program and runs promotions and special offers regularly.

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