Tổng Hợp 50+ Fine Motor Skills Activities | The NXT Coin

Tổng Hợp 50+ Fine Motor Skills Activities | The NXT Coin
Tổng Hợp 50+ Fine Motor Skills Activities | The NXT Coin

Fine motor skills

What is fine motor skills development?

Fine motor skills are those that involve the development of the small hand muscles. We create fine motor activities for our early learners to increase dexterity and prep thier hands for larger tasks such as writing, zipping, shoe tying, plus so much more.

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Fine motor skills

How do we teach toddlers to write?

Before asking a toddler to write, we must first cut, squeeze, squirt, grasp, peel stickers, and make lines and curves. We do this to help strengthen these muscles before asking a child to write a letter or number.

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Having strong hands help ease the pressure of correctly forming a letter and allows the child time to gain the confidence they need. After years of fine motor skill practice, early learners will hit the ground running from the preparation we allowed them the time for.

Three, four, and five-year-olds (and myself) are urging us to slow down and allow motor skills to be developed through play rather than pencil and paper.

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12 Pencil Grip Activities

Pencil grip is another fine motor skill that needs a little prep work.

Before we ask our children to write numbers and letters, we must first strengthen the small hand muscles. We can do this by adding these fine motor activities into our daily routine.

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We can improve pencil grip with risk-free invitations to write lines and curves through activities such as these:

  1. Sticker Match
  2. Color by Number
  3. Fall Leaf Painting
  4. Monster Dot Marker Maze
  5. Treasure Map Color Hunt
  6. Mystery Shape Build
  7. Things I Like
  8. Find Your Name
  9. Apple Connect
  10. Highlighter Trace
  11. Paint the Sticks
  12. Alphabet Dot to Dot

Squeezing Activities to Improve Fine Motor

Squeezing can build up small hand muscles for writing as well! These easy activities will invite your child to play and practice squeezing.

  1. Shape Dig
  2. Poke the Alphabet
  3. Bear Boat Rescue
  4. Crack and Sort
  5. Egg Drop
  6. Wash the Socks
  7. “Ketchup and Mustard” Color Mix Up
  8. Crack a Name
  9. Rethink Your Playdough
  10. Hot Lava Volcano Rescue
  11. Squirt the Ice
  12. Clothespin Squeeze

Fine motor activities for squeezing

  1. Save the Pumpkins
  2. Neon Squirt
  3. Paint the Ice
  4. Squirt the Alphabet
  5. Paint the Shredded Paper
  6. Squirt the Numbers
  7. Simple Clay Activity
  8. Fingerprint Lights

Fine Motor Grasping Activities

  1. Drive and Park
  2. DIY Coin Bank
  3. Toddler Roads
  4. Simple Weaving Activity
  5. Block Build
  6. Snowman Home
  7. Bears on a Ladder
  8. Monster Eyes
  9. Pick a Color
  10. Measurement Play
  11. Bring the Bears Home
  12. Button Push

Sticker Play Activities to Strengthen Hands

  1. Spider Dots
  2. Elmer the Elephant
  3. Sticker Shirts
  4. Sticker Snack Bags
  5. Dot the Lights
  6. Sticker Match Up
  7. Holiday Sticker Cups
  8. Sticker Pumpkin
  9. Sticker Sort by Size

These fine motor development activities will give your child a huge advantage to writing when they are ready. Small hand muscles will be prepped for proper pencil grip and letter formation.

Next, read more about why boredom is important for children. Planting these little learning through play seeds will engage creativity and develop confidence in the downtime.

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