Krugerrand Gold Coins – Five Advantages of Buying Gold Krugerrands Versus Other Bullion Coins


Krugerrand gold cash are the oldest of all the current day gold bullion cash. Launched in 1967 by the South African authorities, their degree of recognition grew to be so nice that it resulted within the mintage of different well-known gold bullion cash together with the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle.

I lined the Krugerrand’s fundamental historical past and data in my earlier article entitled, “Krugerrand Gold Cash – The first Modern Gold Bullion Cash”. I additionally lined some attention-grabbing info and trivia in regards to the coin in a follow-up article, entitled, “Krugerrand Gold Cash – 10 Enjoyable Nuggets Of Info”. When you’re concerned with studying them, simply do a search on EzineArticles or Google by title!

On this article, I would like to speak about the benefits of shopping for Krugerrand gold cash versus different fashionable gold bullion cash.

1. Excessive Sturdiness

The 22okay Krugerrand accommodates a gold alloy mixture of 91.67% gold and eight.33% copper. The inclusion of copper makes them extra sturdy than different 24okay fashionable gold bullion cash. The coin is extremely proof against scratches, dents, and nicks!

2. Low Value

The Krugerrand typically has the bottom premium over the spot value of gold. On the time this text was written, the coin was buying and selling at $9.00 over spot in contrast with $16.00 for the Canadian gold maple leaf, $34.00 over spot for the American Gold Eagle, and $50.00 over spot for the gold Buffalo!

3. On the spot Liquidity

As a result of the South African Krugerrand is so well-known, it’s tremendous straightforward to purchase and promote them each domestically and internationally.

4. Simple To Retailer

Like most gold bullion cash, the compact measurement of the Krugerrand makes it handy to retailer and transport. Most Krugerrands are packed in three inch plastic tubes that match properly inside residence safes or security deposit packing containers in banks.

5. Higher Than Bars

Whereas it is true that the premium on gold bars is usually decrease than that of gold cash, not like Krugerrand gold cash, it is a ache to retailer and transport them. Plus, most bars have to be assayed when offered, a further price that you do not have to fret about when promoting the Krugerrand!

Whether or not you might be simply beginning to buy gold bullion cash or wish to add to your assortment, I believe you may agree that the gold Krugerrand is just not solely an excellent deal however a high-quality bullion coin that ought to be the cornerstone of any investor’s portfolio.


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