Solar Harmonic Tuning Forks and the Five Elements


The 5 components of nature are sometimes referred to in lots of therapeutic traditions together with ayurveda, feng shui, wicca and Chinese language drugs. Gandhiji (Gandhi) affirmed his perception pure cures by air, water, earth and light-weight. Dr. John Beaulieu in his analysis with tuning forks has discovered that the Photo voltaic Harmonic tuning fork set works with the 5 components.

Chinese language drugs refers back to the 5 components as fireplace, water, earth, wooden and metallic. Ayurveda refers back to the components as air, water, earth and the ethers. The Photo voltaic Harmonic set pertains to ayurveda.

In his DVD, 5 Components – Idea and Analysis, Dr Beaulieu teaches how you can acknowledge the totally different components in us and extra importantly, how you can acknowledge deficiency or an extra of the weather. As soon as that’s achieved, you possibly can the choose a mixture of tuning forks from the Photo voltaic Harmonic set to stability your self or the particular person you might be working with.

The weather, Ether, Fireplace, Earth, Water and Air signify a therapeutic archetype. Fireplace signify morals, water represents soul, earth represents bodily and air represents mental. In case you are conversant in the chakra system, then earth is within the space of root, water is within the space of sacral, fireplace is round photo voltaic plexus, air is across the coronary heart and ether is across the throat.

We specific ourselves by the weather and our expression of the weather is continually altering. As Dr. Beaulieu explains it,

“Every aspect is assigned a minimal to most vary of depth from 1 to 10. Degree 1 is the least intense, and stage 10 is essentially the most intense expression of a component. Our actions in regular actuality should match the basic currents that are producing the occasion. For instance, going to the financial institution requires a component sample of eight Earth, four Water, three Fireplace, and 1 Air… Thanking the financial institution officer requires one other change to three Earth, 5 Water, four Fireplace and a couple of Air. And driving house requires 2 Earth, 1 Water, 9 Fireplace and seven Air.”

By understanding the weather you possibly can consider the kind of power of the particular person you might be working with and utilizing this analysis technique, choose a tuning fork protocol which may help stability that particular person. For instance, if you’re working with some who speaks very slowly and intentionally, they is likely to be displaying indicators of earth the place as somebody who’s speaking in a short time is displaying indicators of air.

I will discuss extra about evaluating and utilizing tuning forks when working with particular components within the subsequent posting.


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