When Dreams Don’t Come True, What Do You Do?


While you’ve lived lengthy sufficient and your desires do not come true, what do you do? How do you proceed residing with a way of happiness and steadiness in your life? In any case, not each life ends happily-ever-after. Actually, few do. There are these people whose lives are extra fulfilled and rewarding than these of others, however there’s plain fact within the assertion by Nineteenth Century American transcendentalist, thinker, creator and poet, Henry David Thoreau: Most males lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the track nonetheless in them.

Does this sound acquainted? Have you ever led a lifetime of quiet desperation? Is the track you hoped to sing sooner or later nonetheless in you because the sundown of your life quick approaches? Do you harbor uncomfortable, even sorrowful, ideas about maybe not being as profitable as you hoped to be, not being the perfect of oldsters; not being a worthy partner, accomplice, son or daughter, film star, movie star, company government, live performance pianist, good buddy, competent instructor, school graduate, Ph.D. or successful coach? Do you lament the truth that you by no means discovered that excellent love? What desires by no means got here true for you?

So, when desires do not come true after a lifetime of struggling and dealing for them to materialize, what do you do? How do you proceed shifting ahead mentally and emotionally if you understand the targets and goals you have held near your coronary heart and lived with on a day-to-day foundation, even perhaps on a minute-by-minute foundation, won’t ever be? What then?

The reply is definitely fairly lovely. Each cloud has a silver lining, and each nice sorrow has an equal pleasure. No coin is devoid of two sides. The sad, painful, damaged or unrealized desires many people reside with can lead us, if we’re conscious, to a spiritually, supernaturally, elegant and noble life because the embodiment of grace and gratitude – two of probably the most highly effective and majestic virtues of life.

Grace is a state of stylish acceptance of 1’s future and station in life wrapped within the heat blanket of humility, peace, poise, aplomb, refinement, attractiveness and constructive reflection. Individuals who have grace exude a pure magnificence, the Aristocracy and magnetism not present in regular folks. At all times constructive and endlessly cheerful, such souls bear the slings and arrows of life with nice and grand benevolence. They’re uncommon jewels in a panorama of sand and weeds.

Gratitude is being grateful for no matter comes our method, even when what comes our method is frustration and sorrow for the desires and issues that by no means had been. To have gratitude, particularly for all times’s not-so-pleasant presents, requires enlightenment and religious understanding. It additionally requires us to be balanced and centered in each step of our life’s journey.

Few souls have unbound grace. Few souls specific gratitude for no matter comes their method. Most of us give thanks for the issues we expect are blessings, resembling cash, energy, fame, fortune, worldly success, an ideal mate or relationship. But, how a lot grace and gratitude just isn’t expressed in individuals who have these so-called blessings? Do they not usually specific vanity, delight, entitlement, elitism, superiority? But, grace and gratitude can’t be bought by worldly issues. They’ll usually solely be achieved by being assailed with nice challenges, obstacles, hardships, sorrows, frustrations, pains, disappointments and the vacancy that always accompanies unrealized needs or desires that by no means had been however longed for. It’s the stress and warmth of the non-realized desires that compress our spirit into the jewel of a noble soul. Strive buying grace and gratitude on the nook retailer. It may well’t be completed. The one method to purchase such private and supernal accoutrements is thru the fires of expertise.


Dwelling with the frustration and heartbreak of unrealized desires understanding they may by no means be, may be extraordinarily disheartening. But, the key to managing them is to understand the nice and grand present of rising right into a noble life and residing that life with grace and gratitude – two of probably the most highly effective and spiritually elevated of all of the qualities that comprise the character of a person. They aren’t simply achieved, they usually come at an amazing value. That value is commonly paid for by the non-realization and non-fulfillment of our lengthy hoped-for desires. But, the present is properly definitely worth the value, for it leads us into the ecstatic realms of a noble and quiescent state of being that solely those that have lived it may perceive and respect. ~ finis

Copyright by Richard Andrew King


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